How Do You Prevent Tongue Sores?


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Avoid biting your tongue or grinding your teeth, quit smoking and avoid stressful situations to prevent tongue sores, advises WebMD. Many tongue sores are a result of trauma to the tongue that can occur accidentally when biting it during meals, irritating it when grinding teeth or burning it.

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Although canker sores start in the mouth, they can move to the tongue or occur when the tongue undergoes trauma, explains the Mayo Clinic. An individual with this problem can prevent canker sore development by avoiding irritating foods. For instance, a person can be especially sensitive to citrus, acidic, salty or spicy foods and develop canker sores as a result.

Canker sores also occur because of a lack in certain nutrients, a situation that can be prevented by eating healthy food such as vegetables, whole grains and fruits. When eating, an individual should chew slowly and carefully and not try to talk simultaneously.

Tongue sores can also be prevented by the practice of good oral hygiene and a reduction of stress, according to the Mayo Clinic. Sometimes stressful situations can trigger flare-ups of mouth and tongue sores. Meditation and relaxation techniques can help reduce these flare-ups. Teeth should be brushed at least twice a day and flossed once a day to remove any irritating foods and acid-producing bacteria.

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