How Do You Prevent Swollen Feet?


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Moving regularly, as in walking around the office every hour or so when performing a desk job, keeps the feet from swelling as a result of hanging down for extended periods of time. Limiting sodium intake and hydration are two other ways to avoid swelling, as stated by WebMD.

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How Do You Prevent Swollen Feet?
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Fluids in the body follow gravity, and so swollen feet are more likely for people who are sedentary but keep their feet hanging low. Elevating feet and moving around periodically keep swelling from setting in. Regular exercise also helps to avoid swelling. Warming up and stretching ahead of time increase the benefits of exercise, according to WebMD.

Hydration is helpful for reducing swelling. If the temperature is hot, it is important to find ways to keep the skin cool, notes WebMD. For feet, this can include taking off shoes and socks or soaking one's feet in cool water when outside on a hot day. Taking breaks often enough to rest painful feet can cut back on swelling as well, reports WebMD.

Tobacco products, including cigarettes, increase problems with circulation, so people with swelling in the feet should abstain. Following prescription instructions is important as well. Finding the right time of day to take medications without swelling taking place can be helpful, notes WebMD

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