How Do You Prevent Strep Throat?


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Strep throat may be prevented by avoiding contact with people who have it. Frequent handwashing can also be beneficial in staving off strep throat infection, especially following exposure to people with viruses, bacterial infections or colds. Strep throat prevention also means avoiding sharing eating and drinking utensils and toothbrushes, according to WebMD.

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Strep throat is almost always transmitted via contact with the tiny droplets that are transmitted by an infected person's breath, cough or sneeze. Because the bacteria that causes strep throat can live for short time periods on surfaces and objects like water faucets and door knobs, touching those objects before touching the mouth, nose or eyes is a common route of transmission. Food can also be a carrier of strep.

Taking care of the body can also be an important part of preventing strep throat. WebMD recommends enhancing the body's resistance to infections like strep throat by eating a proper diet, exercising regularly and getting an appropriate amount of sleep. Stress management can also strengthen the body's immune system and enhance its ability to fight off illness.

Keeping a proper amount of moisture in the air can keep the mucus membranes moist and help them resist bacteria. The addition of a humidifier in the home during the winter months can help.

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