How Do You Prevent Sties?


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Practicing proper eye hygiene is the best way of preventing sties, according to the American Academy of Family Physicians. This involves performing regular eyelid scrubs and preventing the eyelids from getting into contact with contaminated or expired cosmetics, dirty towels and unwashed hands, notes WebMD. Ensuring contact lenses are properly disinfected before wearing them and applying regular warm compresses to the eye are other methods of preventing sties, says Mayo Clinic.

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Regular eye scrubs help prevent a buildup of dead cells and germs, which can lead to infection. Pour warm water into a teacup, add a few drops of mild baby shampoo and stir. Use a cotton swab or wash cloth to gently rub the solution along the base of the eyelashes while keeping your eyelids closed, explains WebMD.

Discarding expired makeup helps to reduce the risk of sty recurrence. Never share eye makeup with others, and always remove eye makeup before sleeping at night, notes Mayo Clinic. Makeup that was used directly before noticing a sty should be thrown away because it can lead to reinfection once the sty heals, says Healthline.

Recurrent sty infections are associated with chronic conditions such as blepharitis and acne rosacea, according to WebMD. Therefore, seeking treatment for such conditions helps prevent sties.

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