How Do You Prevent Skin Rashes?


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While there are many different types of rashes, to prevent common heat rashes, stay out of situations that cause excessive sweating such as exposing yourself to hot and humid environments, states WebMD. Limiting sun exposure, using SPF sunscreen and covering skin also helps, states Mayo Clinic.

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How Do You Prevent Skin Rashes?
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Most heat or sun rashes that develop on human skin are mild and go away after a couple of days, notes WebMD. To expedite the process of relieving the rash, those affected can stay indoors in cold, air-conditioned rooms, take cool showers and let the skin air dry after it gets wet. When outside in the sun, it is important to use plenty of sunscreen and to reapply it every couple of hours to block harmful rays from causing damage, explains Mayo Clinic.

Some rashes are the product of allergic reactions. For these instances, it is best to avoid the irritant to prevent rashes from occurring, according to KidsHealth. While outdoors, this might mean covering up the skin to avoid coming into contact with certain plants, such as poison ivy or poison oak, or certain types of bugs. For those with allergies to certain types of fabrics, preventing rashes is as easy as avoiding certain materials. For those who suffer from eczema or severely dry skin, it is important to regularly moisturize and avoid harsh soaps that could irritate the skin.

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