How Do You Prevent Sinus Infections?


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According to Marlo Sollitto, AgingCare.com contributing editor for Care2.com, some of the ways to prevent a sinus infection include keeping the nasal cavities moist, staying away from irritants, keeping indoor humidity levels well-balanced and avoiding certain materials and products that give off fumes. Sinus infections are also known as sinusitis.

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The discomfort that accompanies a sinus infection is caused by trapped mucus and air that creates pressure on the mucous membrane of the sinuses and the wall behind it, notes Sollitto. Discomfort can also be caused by air that is unable to flow into the sinuses. An individual can keep his nasal cavities moist with saline washes and sprays. Humidifiers help to ensure that an indoor environment is not too dry or too moist. Examples of materials that give off fumes that can lead to a sinus infection include cleaning products and hairspray.

An individual who experiences frequent bouts of sinusitis should get an allergy evaluation by a health care professional or see an allergy specialist, says Sollitto. Swimming for long periods of time in water that has been treated with chlorine can also lead to a sinus infection since chlorine is known to irritate the sinuses and lining of the nose.

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