How Do You Prevent Pain in the Legs When Walking on an Incline?


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Prevent pain in the legs while walking on an incline by gradually increasing the incline, wearing the proper footwear, warming up and stretching before exercising. A physician's guidelines should be followed when beginning a new workout routine with certain health conditions, reports Azcentral.com.

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Incline workouts help strengthen the physical condition of the lower body, such as the calves, gluteals and quadriceps. Overexertion causes physical pain in the lower body as well. Discuss the incline workout if chronic illness, brittle bones or other medical conditions exist in the patient, states Azcentral.com.

Always wear workout shoes that are properly fitted and have insoles, says Azcentral.com. Adjusting the footing on hills causes the shoes to blister the feet. Wear snug shoes, or address any blistering immediately to keep the injury from developing into muscle strains, sprains or infection in the foot.

Walking inclines makes the patient more vulnerable to falling and injuries, advises Azcentral.com. As a warmup, walk on a flat surface for about five minutes after stretching. The risk of injury is increased in patients with osteoporosis, muscle injuries and poor balance. Walking fast could lead to falls, ankle injuries or joint injuries, so use a steady pace, and gradually increase the workout.

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