How Do You Prevent Night-Time Leg Cramps?


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Remaining hydrated during the day often helps to prevent nighttime leg cramps. Other tips to prevent cramping muscles include limiting alcohol consumption and stretching the leg muscles before going to bed, according to WebMD. Changing medications known to cause cramps helps some patients to find relief.

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People who suffer leg cramps often benefit by increasing their water consumption until the urine is a very light yellow or clear, according to WebMD. Alcohol increases the chance of dehydration, so limiting consumption helps to bring relief of the cramping. A diet that provides adequate minerals provides the muscles with nutrients to prevent cramping.

While many people know to stretch before exercise, nighttime muscle cramp sufferers benefit from stretching before heading to bed. Concentrating on stretches for the large muscle groups in the legs reduces the likelihood of awakening with a muscle cramp at night. Calf stretches, quadricep stretches, groin stretches and hamstring stretches help to loosen the leg muscles. Each stretch should be held for 15 to 30 seconds and repeated two to four times for each leg, according to WebMD.

Some leg cramps are due to medication. If a person suspects an over-the-counter medication is causing cramps, he should stop its use immediately. If he suspects a prescription medication, he should speak to his doctor about alternatives, according to WebMD.

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