How Do You Prevent Muscle Cramps?


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Individuals can prevent muscle cramps by drinking plenty of fluids, avoiding alcohol, eating healthy foods and exercising, notes WebMD. Doctors also recommend that people take daily vitamin supplements and stretch their muscles every day, particularly before and after exercise and at bedtime, to avoid muscle cramps.

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People can avoid muscle cramps by drinking enough fluid that their urine is light yellow or clear, according to WebMD. Foods that are rich in calcium, potassium and magnesium also help ward off muscle cramps. People who exercise to avoid muscle cramps should increase their exercise a little each week rather than suddenly increasing their level of activity. Activities such as bike riding or stationary bike riding stretch muscles, and people who wish to avoid muscle cramps should also perform other stretching exercises frequently.

People who are taking over-the-counter medications and experiencing muscle cramps should stop taking the drugs to see if that alleviates the cramping, as WebMD advises. Doctors may prescribe a different drug for a person suffering from muscle cramps caused by prescription medication. People who have chronic muscle cramps should consult their doctors to rule out conditions such as restless leg syndrome. Doctors may prescribe muscle relaxers for patients who have persistent muscles cramps that interfere with their ability to sleep.

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