How Do You Prevent Leg Cramps in the Upper Thigh?


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The methods for preventing muscle cramps in the upper thigh depend on the cause of the cramps, but staying hydrated and maintaining overall fitness can help, according to the American Osteopathic Association. Regular stretching and other flexibility exercises can also prevent muscle cramping.

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Although general fitness is important, overuse during exercise may cause cramps, notes Healthline. Warming up appropriately can help prevent strains that lead to cramps. Hydration during exercise is also important. Make sure to drink water before you begin and throughout the workout. Electrolyte supplements may be necessary during strenuous or long workouts.

Electrolyte imbalance can trigger cramps outside of exercise, Healthline reports. People with persistent muscle cramps may have calcium or potassium imbalances. Your doctor can diagnosis this by analyzing a blood test, and it can usually be treated with supplements. Some underlying health conditions can cause muscle cramps, and these include hypothyroidism and kidney failure. Treating the underlying problem can alleviate the cramps, or your doctor may prescribe muscle relaxants or other medication.

If you do get a cramp, you can treat it by applying a hot or cold compress to help the muscle relax, advises Healthline. You can massage the affected muscle and try to gently stretch it. Anti-inflammatory medication, including ibuprofen, may also help with more severe cramps.

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