How Do You Prevent Knee Joint Pain?


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To prevent knee joint pain, engage in appropriate exercise, regulate body weight and wear sensible shoes, advises Everyday Health. The cause of knee pain can either a sudden impact or repetitive motions that put stress on the knee over time as an individual ages.

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How Do You Prevent Knee Joint Pain?
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Proper exercise begins with warm-up followed by stretches, according to Everyday Health. To reduce tension on the tendons and ensure eventual pressure relief on the knees, stretch the muscles in the front and back of the thighs. When exercising in the gym, machines that involve strong workout with low impact to the knees, such as a cross-country skiing machine and a rowing machine, are appropriate. Light exercises, such as walking and swimming, are suitable when exercising outside the gym. Proper exercise also involves gradual change in the intensity of the exercise to prevent knee pain.

Being overweight increases the likelihood that osteoarthritis develops and puts extra stress on the knees, explains Everyday Health. Maintaining a healthy body weight reduces pressure on the knees that may eventually lead to pain. As a precaution, consult a doctor concerning appropriate body weight.

Wearing sensible shoes helps to maintain leg balance and alignment, notes Everyday Health. This, in turn, can help to prevent knee injuries and joint pain, particularly in those who do a lot of walking or standing on their feet every day.

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