How Do You Prevent Hand Cramps?


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Individuals can prevent hand strain and cramping by completing hand exercises, such as touching the thumb to each finger and stretching the thumb toward the little finger, according to Renova. Depending on the cause, future cramping can be prevented by staying hydrated, adjusting the diet and resting the hands.

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How Do You Prevent Hand Cramps?
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To complete the first hand exercise, hold the hand upright with fingers spread comfortably before touching the tip of the little finger to the thumb and then returning the fingers to their starting positions, instructs Renova. Repeat this process for each finger on both hands. For the second exercise, hold the thumb outward before bending it toward the palm and stretching it to touch the bottom of the little finger. Hold this position for two to three seconds and repeat for each hand. These exercises keep the hands flexible and help prevent repetitive strain injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome.

Those who experience frequent cramping should make an appointment with a doctor, advises Renova. Frequent cramping is a possible sign of osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, which cause inflammation in the joints, and individuals need proper treatment to reduce symptoms. Acute causes of hand cramps include loss of fluids, a vitamin D or potassium deficiency, and repetitive hand movements such as typing and writing.

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