How Do You Prevent Hair Loss Due to Hard Water?

APEC Water recommends getting the water tested for minerals to determine which minerals may be the root of the problem and adding a filter to remove the minerals that are causing the hair loss. The connection between hair loss and hard water is a debated topic; experts cited by indicate that hard water affects the feel of hair but does not cause hair breakage, hair loss or hair thinning.

APEC Water proposes specific filters to remove each of the contaminants that it blames for hair loss. Selenium is removed by adding a reverse osmosis water filter to the filtration system of the home. Mercury can be removed by using a reverse osmosis filter in the home. Additionally, APEC Water suggests that the mercury from eating a lot of fish can be a reason for hair loss, and the treatment for this source of mercury is to avoid seafood, allowing the mercury to exit the body and then simply consuming less fish to avoid the problem. Additional water contaminants that APEC Water connects to hair loss include lead from old pipes, zinc, aluminium, arsenic and thallium, which is why APEC Water strongly recommends having a home water filtration system installed.