How Do You Prevent Hair Breakage?


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Forgoing the towel to dry hair, properly blow drying and brushing the hair, sleeping on a satin pillowcase, and avoiding rubber bands prevents hair breakage, states Prevention. Altering everyday habits prevents hair breakage without the need to purchase extra products that promise the same results.

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Prevention recommends using an old T-shirt instead of a towel to dry the hair. Towels are too rough for hair and cause breakage. To dry hair without breaking hair strands, squeeze and blot the hair with a T-shirt, and never rub the hair to dry it. Use a boar-bristle brush instead of synthetic hair brushes; natural hair brushes are gentler on the hair than plastic and cause less breakage. Boar-bristle brushes also are best for smoothing the hair and spreading natural oils.

It is best to let the hair dry 70 to 80 percent naturally before using the blow dryer on its coolest setting, according to Prevention. Keep the dryer 6 inches away from the hair, and move it around continually to avoid causing hot spots. Use a satin pillowcase to prevent loss of natural oils and to prevent rough surfaces from breaking hair during sleep. To tie hair back off the face, opt for an elastic hair tie instead of rubber bands that wear away at the hair’s cuticle to cause breakage.

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