How Do You Prevent Future Boils?


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Boils, or abscesses under the surface of the skin, may be prevented by keeping the skin clean with antibacterial soaps, says MedicineNet. This prevents bacteria from entering breaks in the skin or accumulating on the skin and plugging sweat glands, causing infection in hair follicles.

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How Do You Prevent Future Boils?
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Boils are not completely preventable, but individuals may be able to prevent some types of boils through good hygiene practices, says MedicineNet. Regular cleansing of the skin can make a difference for individuals prone to developing boils in hair follicles. Small injuries such as abrasions, splinters or cuts caused by shaving should be kept clean to prevent boils and abscesses. In some cases, a physician might recommend a special cleanser such as pHisoderm to reduce bacteria on the skin. Regular use of an abrasive or loofah brush in the shower can help break up oil plugs around hair follicles to further reduce the potential for boils.

Individuals who are prone to recurring boils or abscesses in the same area should dry the area thoroughly after cleansing and refrain from wearing tight clothing over the area, says WebMD. A physician may prescribe antibiotics or an antibiotic nose cream to kill bacteria that live inside the nose and cause boils when spread to other parts of the skin.

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