How Do You Prevent Flatulence?


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To prevent flatulence, speak to a dietitian or other health care professional about planning a diet that reduces gas without sacrificing nutrition, recommends WebMD. Some foods that may cause flatulence include fruits, vegetables, beans and eggs. Wheat and wheat bran, sugar and sugar substitutes, fried and fatty foods, and dairy products may also cause flatulence. Avoid carbonated beverages, red wine, beer and fruit drinks.

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Training yourself to swallow less air may reduce flatulence, according to WebMD. Avoid hard candies and chewing gum, and eat food slowly. Ill-fitting dentures may also cause excessive amounts of air to be swallowed.

Some over-the-counter medications can prevent flatulence, notes WebMD. Antacids can control flatulence, especially those that contain simethicone, which is a medicine that dissolves gas bubbles. Probiotics can reduce bad bacteria and promote good bacteria to keep flatulence at bay. If the flatulence is caused by lactose intolerance, lactase products may be beneficial.

Beano contains an enzyme that aids the body in digesting beans and other vegetables, states WebMD. To allow gas to pass through the digestive tract at a more rapid pace, a doctor may prescribe drugs that improve the motility of the digestive tract. If flatulence is caused by irritable bowel syndrome, a physician may recommend drugs that help food pass through the digestive system.

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