How Do You Prevent Dry Mouth at Night?

prevent-dry-mouth-night Credit: Tetra Images/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images

To prevent dry mouth at night, see a health care professional to determine the cause, and treat it accordingly. A room vaporizer can be used to add moisture to the air at night. Keeping water available by the bed when sleeping helps, as does staying hydrated throughout the day. To stimulate saliva flow, chew sugar-free gum, ice pops, ice chips or hard candies.

Dry mouth is often caused by a medical condition or a medication. Talking to a doctor or dentist can be very beneficial for those experiencing dry mouth at night. A health care professional may prescribe an artificial saliva product, such as a mouthwash, rinse, spray, toothpaste or moisturizing gel. There are also drugs that can help the body produce saliva.

Before bed, avoid using mouthwashes that contain alcohol, as they dry out the mouth. Avoid drinking beverages with alcohol or caffeine, and don't eat any foods with a high salt or sugar content.

Sometimes dry mouth is caused by obstructive sleep apnea, a condition that occurs when a person pauses and resumes breathing repeatedly throughout the night, which dries the mouth out. There are numerous treatments for sleep apnea, including lifestyle changes, masks, oral products and surgery. Because sleep apnea happens during sleep, it often goes undiagnosed and undetected.