How Do You Prevent Dry Eye Syndrome?


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Some techniques people can use to avoid dry eyes include remembering to blink regularly while reading or looking at a computer screen, increasing the humidity level in the room, and wearing sunglasses to reduce wind and sun exposure, according to the American Optometric Association. People who experience dry eyes as a chronic condition can also rely on a number of prescription solutions.

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There are various strategies for treating dry eyes, explains the American Optometric Association. Patients with mild dry eyes might find artificial tears eye drops to be effective, but they might not provide sufficient relief for all patients. These products are typically available over the counter.

Another strategy is to preserve the tears the eyes produce. Qualified health care experts can insert small silicone or gel-like plugs into a patient's tear ducts to help keep natural tears on the eyes longer. Some patients can find relief by having their tear ducts permanently closed through surgery, notes the American Optometric Association.

Doctors might also prescribe drops that increase the patient's eyes' natural tear production, reports the American Optometric Association. Some patients might have inflammation on their eyelids or ocular surfaces. Doctors can prescribe techniques for treating these conditions, including prescription eye drops or ointments, lid massages, warm compresses or eyelid cleansers.

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