How Do You Prevent Cramping During Your Period?

prevent-cramping-during-period Credit: STOCK4B/Stock4B/Getty Images

Cramping during menstruation can't be totally prevented, but it can be eased with the use of over-the-counter pain medications, drinking herbal teas and the application of heat to the lower abdomen, according to WebMD. The use of hormonal birth control may lessen the severity of menstrual cramps, while surgery to correct disorders that cause severe cramps is also an option.

Taking medication to ease menstrual cramp pain should be a first-line of treatment, according to WebMD. Some options include naproxen, ibuprofen and acetaminophen. The application of a heating pad can alleviate the pain experienced. Alternatively, a hot water bottle or hot bath can be used. Herbal teas, including raspberry, mint or blackberry, can provide some relief from tense muscle tension and cramps. These teas may also reduce anxiety during the menstrual cycle.

The use of hormonal birth control may reduce the severity of cramping, according to Mayo Clinic. The hormones found in oral birth control medications, including pills, patches, injections and implants, prevent ovulation. Women who have fibroids or endometriosis may need surgery to correct the issue and lessen menstrual cramping.

Some herbal and supplement remedies may also soothe menstrual cramping, reports Healthline. Ginger root and cinnamon are two purported home remedies for cramps. Calcium supplementation may also reduce cramping.