How Do You Prevent Cracked Fingertips?


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A person can prevent cracked fingertips by not washing too much, avoiding harsh soap and using a hand cream several times a day, according to About.com. Lotion with shea butter, wax or petrolatum is helpful as well.

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Some people are unable to avoid washing the hands several times a day due to work, explains About.com. In this case, wearing gloves can be beneficial. When washing is necessary, gentle cleansers like Cetaphil are recommended, along with hand sanitizer. Though hand sanitizer contains alcohol, which can dry the skin, many people tolerate the alcohol better than harsh soap.

If the fingers are already cracked, there are also solutions to help ease the discomfort and promote healing, claims About.com. Super glue, for example, applied to the cracked skin helps to heal the crack. Another product, Dermabond, can help. Over-the-counter liquid bandages, however, should not be used, as they contain too much alcohol.

If the skin on the fingers does not heal, it is wise to see a doctor, states About.com. This is especially the case if the fingers and hands become swollen, bleed, have red streaks going up the arm or have crust forming around the crack that is the color of honey. These are all signs of infection that need to be addressed.

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