How Do You Prevent the Burning Tongue Disease?


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There are no preventive measures for burning tongue syndrome, a condition that causes a burning feeling on the tongue without an apparent burn, according to Healthline. To prevent a tongue burn resulting from the consumption of a hot food or beverage, it helps to test the food's temperature before ingesting it.

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Primary burning mouth syndrome is a type of burning tongue syndrome in which the cause is unknown, while secondary burning mouth syndrome is possibly a symptom of an underlying health condition, as explained by Healthline. The potential causes of secondary burning mouth syndrome include dry mouth, thrush and oral lichen planus, which causes inflammation in the mouth's inner area due to an attack of the immune system on the mucous membrane cells of the mouth.

People with burning tongue syndrome may experience accompanying symptoms, such as a metallic taste, a dry feeling in the mouth, recurring burning sensations and a tongue that feels worse as the day progresses, according to Healthline. Doctors diagnose the condition by asking about a patient's oral care habits and assessing potential conditions that may be causing the burning sensation. They may also order blood tests and other diagnostic exams.

Treating the underlying condition that causes burning tongue syndrome may help improve the burning sensation, as detailed by Healthline. For instance, a doctor may prescribe another medication if the cause of a patient's burning tongue syndrome is a certain medicine.

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