How Do You Prevent Bruising on Aging Skin?

How Do You Prevent Bruising on Aging Skin?

To prevent elderly bruising, keep floors free of clutter, wear protective gear, and use a walker or cane if necessary. Contusion is the medical term for a bruise.

Keeping floors free of clutter is a good way to avoid falls and bumps that result in bruising. This involves moving furniture away from common walking paths and doorways. Remove electrical and phone cords from open areas to prevent tripping.

Protective gear such as shin guards are good for preventing bruising when taking part in physical activities such as playing soccer.

It is also necessary to discuss the possibility of using a walker or cane with a doctor for people who are unstable when sitting, standing or walking. It may also be necessary to use a flashlight or install a portable night light for use when walking to and from the bathroom at night. The floors in common areas should be kept dry or covered in slip-resistant rugs.

It is important to have regular monitoring by a doctor when using blood-thinning drugs, and medications adjusted as necessary. Blood thinners may increase the possibility of bruising. Family and friends of the elderly should be vigilant and alert to signs of potential elder abuse. Bruises usually take about two weeks to heal and disappear completely.