How Do You Prevent Balding?


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Balding can be prevented with over-the-counter topical foams and lotions containing minoxidil, or by taking a prescription pill containing finasteride, according to WebMD. Popular name brands are Rogaine and Propecia, and both products can be used together for optimized results.

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Business Insider argues that making dietary changes can encourage the body to grow healthy hair. Examples include getting more omega-3 fatty acids through fish and nuts, eating beef and animal livers for zinc, and getting plenty of protein through eggs, meat and legumes. Iron delivers blood to the scalp, and anemics may suffer from hair loss if they don't get enough of the nutrient, according to Business Insider. To combat this, people should eat whole grains, oysters, dark leafy greens and red meat.

Vitamins A and C work to produce nurturing oils within the follicles on the scalp, which keep hair strong and prevent it from breaking. Business Insider warns again getting more than 15,000 international units of vitamin A daily, as an overabundance of the nutrient can have a reverse effect and cause hair to stop growing. Vitamins A and C can be found in sweet potatoes, broccoli, spinach and pumpkin. Most people are somewhat deficient in magnesium, which is an essential mineral in the body, so Business Insider recommends getting more of the nutrient in the diet by eating brown rice, nuts, spinach and lentils.

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