How Do You Prevent Ankle Pain When Running?


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Ankle pain while running can be avoided by properly stretching and warming up the muscles, wearing proper running shoes and running on flat surfaces. Proper conditioning is also important so that the joints and muscles do not become easily overworked.

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How Do You Prevent Ankle Pain When Running?
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Allowing the ankle joints to slowly roll and stretch is very important before running, so that the muscles and ligaments are properly stretched. This helps prevent overworking the joint or "rolling" the ankle entirely. Feet come in different shapes and sizes, so it is important to buy shoes that fit properly. Also, new shoes may need to be "broken in" for them to form to the shape of the foot better. Finally, ankles often begin to hurt when a running regimen progresses too quickly or when most of the run is on uneven ground. Therefore, it is important to start slow and run on even pavement whenever possible.

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