How Do You Prestretch With Joint Rolling Exercises?


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Foam rollers are used to help loosen muscles before or after your main workout routine, and when used in conjunction with dynamic stretches, joint roller exercises help prevent injury and cramping during exercise. To perform joint roller exercises, you'll need to purchase a foam roller, which you can find in most fitness sections at sports and department stores. To use the foam roller effectively, roll a targeted muscle area over the roller to loosen the muscle.

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  1. Choose a target area

    Consider using the foam roller to work your quads, hamstrings, gluteal muscles, adductors or calves. Your quads and hamstrings provide support and absorb shock to your knees. Gluteal muscles assist in hip alignment during movement. Your calves absorb the shock of your feet during movement.

  2. Lay the target area on the roller

    Lay the muscle you want to work on the foam roller. Place all your body weight onto this area. Use your arms or hands to help keep balance, and shift your weight onto the roller.

  3. Roll your body over the roller

    Move the target area back and forth across the foam roller. Do this slowly to avoid injury. Continue moving the target area over the roller. Do this until the muscles begin to loosen.

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