What Prescription Medications Are Available to Remedy Tongue Irritation?


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Prescription medications to remedy and treat tongue irritation include antiviral drugs, tricyclic antidepressants and duloxetine, according to MedicineNet. Treatments depend on the cause of the tongue irritation, which ranges from allergies and teeth grinding to leukoplakia and oral cancer.

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Diabetes can cause nerve damage or neuropathy, manifesting in tongue irritation, explains MedicineNet. If this is the cause of the tongue irritation, it can only be managed, not cured. Most doctors prescribe antidepressants and antiseizure medications to help with nerve pain and tongue irritation. Thrush also causes tongue irritation, although it is most common in babies and the elderly. Because one of the causes is a fungal infection, antifungal or systemic medications are used for treatment.

Some tongue irritations, such as canker sores or teeth grinding, don't require prescription medications, states MedicineNet. Often, canker sores are caused by stress, trauma to the tongue or acidic foods, and they resolve on their own. Some medications or topical treatments can be purchased over-the-counter with a prescription. Teeth grinding, or bruxism, can irritate the tongue, but there is no prescription treatment for it. This issue is usually caused by stress and can be exacerbated with the consumption of caffeine and alcohol. Individuals with bruxism can control it by practicing relaxation techniques or using a mouth guard.

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