How Do You Prepare for a Urology Exam?


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Those going for a urology appointment for the first time should prepare by gathering insurance information, test results and a referral card, according to About.com. It's wise to prepare a list of all medications and supplements before meeting with the urologist.

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It is also recommended that a person prepare for a urology appointment by bringing detailed notes of symptoms, claims About.com. These notes should include information about when symptoms began and how it feels when the symptoms act up. It is also suggested that a person bring a diary of food and beverage intake. The food a person eats may have an effect on urological health and knowing what foods are commonly eaten can help the doctor make a plan of care for the patient.

A person also should prepare a list of questions to ask the urologist before an appointment, explains About.com. For instance, a person should ask if there is a final diagnosis based on symptoms. It is also recommended that individuals ask the doctor what treatment options are available based on the diagnosis. Talking about the outlook of the condition and the long-range treatment strategy is also recommended. Experts also suggest that patients should talk to a doctor about any medications that are prescribed for the urological diagnosis.

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