How Do You Prepare for a Treadmill Heart Test?


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A patient scheduled for treadmill stress testing should avoid caffeinated foods and beverages for at least 12 hours, dress in comfortable clothing and refrain from eating after midnight if the test is scheduled to take place before noon, recommends University Radiology. This test helps identify problems with the heart.

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A person who takes medications should talk with a doctor before undergoing a treadmill stress test, advises University Radiology. Medications used to treat high blood pressure and other heart problems can alter the results of the test, explains Eagles Landing Family Practice. Because the treadmill stress test requires a period of fasting, diabetics should not take medications used to lower blood sugar. Anyone scheduled for a stress test should also avoid strenuous exercise and the use of tobacco products on the day of the test.

Patients should wear loose, comfortable clothing that does not restrict their ability to walk on the treadmill, states Eagles Landing Family Practice. If desired, a woman should wear a sports bra to increase her comfort during the test. Before a stress test begins, a technician places electrodes on the chest. Men with a lot of hair on their chests should ask their doctors if it is necessary to remove excess hair ahead of time.

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