How Do You Prepare for Shoulder Surgery?


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To prepare for a shoulder surgery, get preoperative testing, lose extra weight, avoid consumption of foods and beverages immediately prior to surgery, and stop smoking, according to Healthgrades. A person should answer all queries regarding her medical history and follow the doctor’s suggestions for medication intake.

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Provide all necessary medical information to the doctor, including previously taken over-the-counter drugs, prescriptions, vitamins and herbal treatments, states Healthgrades. Alert the doctor of current medical conditions, medications and allergies. Candidates for a shoulder surgery typically have to undergo a chest X-ray, electrocardiogram and blood tests.

Be careful not to eat or drink prior to surgery, as consuming foods may lead to cancellation of the surgery, notes Healthgrades. Eating and drinking are prohibited as they increase the risk of choking on stomach contents during anesthesia. Quitting smoking for several days before surgery helps speed the healing process. Doctors usually advise their patients to avoid taking aspirin, ibuprofen and blood thinners. It is also important to bathe using an antiseptic soap the night before and the morning of surgery.

Complete recovery after a successful surgery typically lasts a few weeks up to several months, says Healthgrades. A patient remains in the recovery room post surgery until she is alert, breathing properly and showing stable vital signs. She can go home on the same day if she recovers well.

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