How Do You Prepare a Pet for a Convenia Injection?


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A veterinarian prepares to administer a Convenia injection by determining that it's the proper medication for the pet, calculating the proper dosage based on the pet's weight, and reconstituting Convenia with 10 milliliters of sterile water, according to Drugs.com. He then injects the proper dosage under the skin, states VetDepot.com.

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Prior to filling the syringe, the veterinarian shakes the reconstituted solution and allows the vial to rest until all the material dissolves, notes Drugs.com. Convenia is sensitive to light. The veterinarian should store any excess medication in its original carton and refrigerate it to protect it from light, advises Zoetis, the manufacturer of Convenia. The veterinarian must use the medicine within 56 days of reconstitution.

Convenia is an injectable antibiotic suitable for treating bacterial skin infections in dogs and cats, explains VetDepot.com. After injection, Convenia starts working within six hours and remains effective in the pet's body for up to 14 days, making it a convenient and effective remedy. It causes gastrointestinal issues, such as diarrhea, nausea and vomiting, in up to 10 percent of pets. Convenia may lower a pet's threshold for seizures, so a pet prone to seizures may experience them more often following a Convenia injection. In pets under 30 pounds, Convenia's cost is equivalent to that of oral antibiotics; in larger pets, the cost may be prohibitive.

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