How Do You Prepare for a Marathon?


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To train for a marathon, runners should run three to four times a week for at least six months. In addition, trying smaller races is recommended. Prospective marathon runners should gradually develop their skills before running a complete marathon.

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  1. Start running regularly

    Beginners who don't engage in regular running should work towards running three to four times a week. Instead of training for a marathon straight away, focus on a shorter race, such as a 5K.

  2. Get a medical check-up

    After running and engaging in smaller races for at least six months, runners should get a medical check-up. Let a doctor know about your plans to run a marathon, so she can confirm it is healthy and safe for you to do so.

  3. Purchase the right running gear

    Find comfortable running shoes. Women should also purchase a sports bra that fits well. Both men and women need running gear that is appropriate for the type of weather they are running in.

  4. Begin working towards 15 miles a week

    Runners should work towards running 15 miles a week before beginning a marathon running schedule.

  5. Complete a beginner's marathon training schedule

    Individuals who haven't completed a marathon before should try a beginner's marathon training schedule. Such schedules feature designated running and rest days and are designed to help runners gradually reach the 26.2 miles required to complete a marathon.

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