How Do You Prepare for a Liver Biopsy?

The first thing a patient usually does to prepare for a liver biopsy is to meet with her doctor to go over expectations and information regarding the procedure, states Mayo Clinic. This is also a good time to ask questions so that the patient understands what is about to happen.

The next thing a patient should do is inform the doctor if she is pregnant or allergic to certain medicines or if she has a bleeding problem, according to WebMD. The patient should also inform the doctor as to what medications she is taking. She must avoid medicines such as aspirin and anti-inflammatory drugs for the week leading up to the procedure. A blood test may also be performed to test the patient's ability to form blood clots, states Mayo Clinic. Six to eight hours before the procedure, the patient may be instructed to avoid eating or drinking.

When it is time for the procedure, the patient can expect to have an IV line inserted in her wrist, states Mayo Clinic. The patient may also be given a sedative. If this is the case, then the patient should arrange ahead of time to have someone drive her home. After the procedure, the patient is taken to a recovery room for a few hours to ensure there are no immediate complications and then discharged.