How Do You Prepare for a Lithotripsy Procedure?


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To prepare for a lithotripsy procedure, people should avoid consuming any food or beverage six hours before the procedure, according to Healthline. It is also important for patients to inform the doctor about medications or supplements they are taking.

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Prior to a lithotripsy, doctors usually advise patients to stop taking aspirin, ibuprofen and blood thinners, which are drugs that can affect the capability of the blood to clot well, explains Healthline. Physicians sometimes allow a person to continue taking prescribed medications.

Surgeons typically perform lithotripsy in an outpatient setting, meaning the patient can leave the hospital a few hours after the procedure, notes Healthline. In some cases, patients are required to stay in the hospital overnight. An individual should reach the hospital one to two hours prior to the procedure. Doctors administer drugs to sedate a patient and also provide infection-fighting antibiotics. Patients usually rest on an exam table atop a cushion filled with water while the lithotripsy procedure takes place.

It is essential to arrange for a ride home, as individuals are not allowed to drive after a lithotripsy, states Healthline. A person should rest for one to two days at home to recover fully. It helps to drink lots of water for a few weeks to allow the kidneys to eliminate remaining stone fragments.

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