How Do You Prepare for Knee Replacement Surgery?


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To prepare for knee-replacement surgery, patients should get information about anesthesia from their doctor and create a plan for getting help with maintaining personal hygiene after the surgery, according to Mayo Clinic. Patients may be told not to eat the morning before the surgery.

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Knee-replacement surgery patients go through pre-surgery medical exams in which doctors measure the patient's blood count, examine the condition of the patient's liver, and ask the patient questions about his medical history. A blood coagulation test may be administered to check how well the patient's blood clots, states Healthline. Doctors may direct the patient to stop taking certain medications and supplements. To increase the benefits of the surgery, patients may need to start physical therapy before the surgery to exercise and strengthen their joints and muscles.

Other preparations for knee-replacement surgery include taking the patient's blood in large quantities for the possible need of transfusions during the surgery, and taking bone and dental x-rays. Overweight patients may be asked to lose weight before the surgery to decrease risks. The patient should also prepare his home by providing a shower bench for baths, frozen prepared meals and a device for reaching objects, asserts University of California San Francisco Medical Center.

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