How Do You Prepare for a Knee Replacement?


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Patients undergoing knee replacement surgery prepare by attending presurgery appointments, asking questions, improving physical health and preparing the home for recovery, according to WebMD. The surgeon provides necessary information and resources to prepare for the surgery.

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How Do You Prepare for a Knee Replacement?
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The patient's physical health impacts the recovery time and potential complications. In the weeks leading up to the knee replacement, the patient should eat well and quit smoking. The surgeon can provide exercise suggestions for strengthening the body without causing pain or additional damage to the knee, states WebMD.

Surgery preparation includes appointments and medical exams to ensure the patient is ready for the surgery. These appointments give the patient a chance to learn about the surgery and recovery. The patient should address anything he doesn't understand so the process goes smoothly, suggests WebMD.

Recovery from knee replacement often takes several weeks, according to OrthoInfo. Preparing the home for the recovery period makes the transition easier after the surgery. Necessary arrangements may include transportation, assistance with chores, furniture rearrangement and installation of aids such as grip bars in the bathroom. Patients who live alone may consider hiring a caregiver or going to a rehabilitation facility after surgery. The patient might also prepare by practicing physical therapy exercises that are part of the postsurgery plan.

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