How Do You Prepare for a Kidney Ultrasound?


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Prepare for a kidney ultrasound by drinking no less than 24 ounces of fluid one hour before the appointment, refraining from emptying the bladder and following any specific instructions from the physician. Taking sedatives and fasting are usually not required before the procedure, according to Johns Hopkins Medicine.

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How Do You Prepare for a Kidney Ultrasound?
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Doctors assess the size, shape and location of the kidneys, ureters and bladder by conducting a kidney ultrasound. The ultrasound is helpful in detecting abnormalities, such as kidney stones, tumors, abscesses and obstructions. Other uses include determining blood flow in the kidneys. A kidney ultrasound after receiving a kidney transplant is also useful in evaluating the function of the new kidney, states Johns Hopkins Medicine.

A kidney ultrasound is a risky procedure, although there is no radiation exposure and the procedure is comfortable. Certain conditions found in the patient, such as obesity, intestinal gas and having a barium procedure, place the patient at a greater risk for complications. Discuss these and other medical conditions with the physician prior to the procedure, explains Johns Hopkins Medicine.

Although each medical office has its own set of medical protocols, there are some general expectations. During a kidney ultrasound, the patient removes any item that interferes with the ultrasound, such as clothing and jewelry. As the patient lies on his stomach, the physician spreads ultrasound gel on the area for testing. A transducer sends sound waves through the patient’s body, bouncing off the internal organs and generating digital images for examination, notes Johns Hopkins Medicine.

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