How Do You Prepare for a Colostomy Reversal Operation?

To prepare for a colostomy reversal operation, an individual should consult with his physician regarding medications and dietary restrictions, according to Electrocardiogram, blood and urine tests may also be required prior to surgery.

The week before a colostomy reversal operation, an individual should write down the correct date, time and location of the surgery, claims Medicine bottles or a list of prescription medications should be given to the health care provider, along with a list of any herbs, food supplements or over-the-counter medicine the patient is taking. He should also inform the health care provider of any allergies to any medications, and ask about any required EKG, blood or urine tests.

An individual may be told to eat no solid foods and drink only clear fluids, such as water, broth and apple juice, for a few days before surgery. The day before the surgery, he may need to drink a laxative fluid or take medication to empty the bowels. It may be necessary to check into the hospital the night before the surgery to be given an enema containing liquid medication to prepare the bowels for surgery. The patient or a close family member may be asked to sign a consent form, a legal document giving the health care provider permission to perform the surgery. This form also explains the problems that may arise during or after surgery, states