How Do You Prepare for Bunion Removal Surgery?


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Patients prepare for bunion removal surgery by completing a health assessment and, if necessary, discontinuing medications and fasting before surgery. Additionally, a patient asks questions about the procedure, provides consent, informs the doctor of existing allergies and health conditions, and arranges a ride home for postsurgery, explains John Hopkins Medicine.

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Medical diagnostics to be completed before having bunion removal surgery may include a lung x-ray, blood and urine tests to check for underlying illnesses, and a cardiogram. Aspirin and other blood-thinning medications may need to be stopped a few days prior to having bunion surgery. A patient must follow instructions regarding if and how long he needs to fast before surgery in addition to any other relevant instructions provided by his physician to help prevent complications, according to Healthline and John Hopkins Medicine.

A patient prepares for surgery by notifying his doctor of any allergies he may have to medications, tape, latex or anesthetics. He informs his physician about types of supplements and medications he is taking, such as those that affect blood clotting, as well as about any pre-existing health conditions he may have, such as bleeding disorders. If a woman suspects or knows she is pregnant before surgery, she must inform her physician. A patient may also need to arrange a ride home prior to surgery if he is given a sedative for the procedure, states John Hopkins Medicine.

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