How Do You Prepare Bitter Melon to Treat Diabetes?


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To prepare bitter melons to treat diabetes, wash 4 to 5 bitter melons, remove the seeds and fibrous core, slice the melons into 2-inch thick pieces, drop the pieces into a frying pan with a tablespoon of olive oil, and fry the pieces over medium heat until they are toasted. When the bitter melons are ready, transfer them to a plate with paper towels to absorb excess oil, and add them to salads or stews, recommends SF Gate.

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To prepare bitter melons, you need 4 to 5 bitter melons, a frying pan, canola or olive oil, and paper towels. Other required items include a paring knife, a dishtowel, a cutting board and a wooden spoon. Wash the melons, dry them with a dishtowel and cut off the short stalks on the sides. Use a paring knife to peel off thin layers on the surface of the melons. If desired, cut the melons in half to remove seeds and fibrous cores, states SF Gate.

Pour olive or canola oil into a frying pan, and heat until the oil simmers lightly. Slice the bitter melons into thin pieces, and pour them into the frying pan. Fry the melons until they are roasted and serve, advises SF Gate.

Bitter melon contains insulin-lowering properties that make it an effective ingredient in the treatment of diabetes; however, diabetes patients should not substitute bitter melon for insulin, advises the National Bitter Melon Council. Individuals can prepare bitter melon by boiling, steaming, lightly frying or roasting the vegetable, according to SF Gate.

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