How Do You Prepare for an Angiogram Heart Test?


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To prepare for a coronary angiogram, which is a test involving the use of X-ray imaging to view photos of the heart's blood vessels, avoid eating or drinking anything past midnight one day prior to the test, recommends Mayo Clinic. Bring with you the medications prescribed by your doctor, ensuring they are in their original bottles. Consult your doctor about taking your regular morning medicines.

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If you're a diabetic, your doctor may advise you about appropriate intake of insulin and other oral medications before the coronary angiogram, notes Mayo Clinic. Preparation for the test also involves evaluating your medical history, particularly your current medications and allergies. You may undergo a physical exam that requires checking your pulse rate, blood pressure and other vital signs.

Before the coronary angiogram, empty your bladder, wear a hospital gown, and take off hairpins, jewelry, eyeglasses or contact lenses as instructed by your health care team, advises Mayo Clinic. The procedure involves administering a certain dye into your heart's blood vessels, allowing better visibility of the vessels. An X-ray machine quickly takes pictures or angiograms of the vessels.

A coronary angiogram is part of heart catheterization, which is a series of processes that diagnose and treat conditions affecting the heart and blood vessels, explains Mayo Clinic. The procedure typically occurs in a hospital's catheterization laboratory and takes place in the morning.

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