How Do You Prepare for an Abdominal CT Scan?


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To prepare for an abdominal CT scan, a patient may be required to complete a fast before his appointment and drink an oral contrast. Additionally, he should wear comfortable clothing and remove jewelry before having a CT scan, states Healthline.

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Before having an abdominal CT scan, ask any questions related to the procedure. If the procedure involves the use of a contrast dye, you may be required to sign a consent form providing permission to undergo the procedure, according to John Hopkins Medicine.

Patients are typically asked to fast for two to four hours before having an abdominal CT scan. Depending on the reason for having the scan, it may also be necessary to drink a large amount of oral contrast, A patient must wait for 60 to 90 minutes as the contrast moves throughout the bowels, explains Healthline.

Before having an abdominal CT scan, tell the physician about any allergies to oral contrasts such as barium or conditions such as diabetes, notes Healthline. Although the radiation exposure during a CT scan is typically harmless, it is important a woman tells her physician if she is pregnant.

An abdominal CT scan is generally performed as an outpatient procedure in a clinic that specializes in diagnostic procedures or in a hospitalメs radiology department. After having an abdominal CT scan, a patient can go about the day normally, says Healthline.

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