What Preparation Should You Make Before a Face Lift?


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Before a face lift, an individual should follow medication directions, wash the face and hair, avoid eating, and arrange for assistance following the procedure, according to Mayo Clinic. A plastic surgeon may have other instructions as well.

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Following medication directions is important. Individuals having a face lift need to avoid taking herbal supplements, aspirin and anti-inflammatory drugs, as these may increase bleeding, advises Mayo Clinic. A person may also start taking antibiotics before the surgery to keep possible infections in check.

People who are preparing to have a face lift should avoid eating in the hours before the surgery, explains Mayo Clinic. Most doctors suggest that patients don't eat after midnight the night before the procedure. It's also important that those who undergo a face lift have a plan for after the surgery. For instance, if the procedure is done as an outpatient surgery, another person needs to drive the patient home. Individuals must also understand post-procedure care instructions before the surgery is done. Following a face lift, a person often needs help with everyday tasks for one or two days. Patients typically see the doctor the day after having face lift, so arranged transportation should be arranged along with the post-procedure assistance.

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