Does Preparation H Work on Wrinkles?

Does Preparation H Work on Wrinkles?

Preparation H works to lessen the appearance of undereye bags, fine lines, and wrinkles in some people. However, it is not intended for this purpose and was instead created to help with hemorrhoid discomfort. As a result, it is not recommended for treating wrinkles by the Dermatology Review.

Preparation H was created in 1936 by American Home Products, and it was originally derived from a sunburn lotion formula. American Home Products is now owned by Pfizer, and the formula for Preparation H has changed over the years, but some people still claim it can help with wrinkles, according to Peoples

If using the product to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, it is best to apply it before bed; this is because the body heals during sleep. Test the substance on a small patch of skin before using to ensure that it does not cause excessive irritation.

Preparation H works on wrinkles because of its ability to shrink blood vessels. However, it is also oil-based and can cause breakouts in individuals with acne-prone skin.

It's important to note that Preparation H's effects may only be temporary since it is not intended to prevent wrinkles. Applying it to the eye area can be risky, particularly for individuals with sensitive skin, which may outweigh any benefits it can temporarily provide.