What Are Some Prelabor Symptoms?


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Symptoms of prelabor include contractions that cause the abdomen to harden temporarily as the uterus contracts and causes dull aches in the belly; pressure in the pelvis; and pain in the back, states WebMD. Prelabor symptoms can produce pain in the thighs, pelvic area and lower belly. Women with contractions more frequent than every 10 minutes should consult with a medical professional.

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Prelabor can cause water or a brownish substance to leak from the vagina, according to Kelly King Alexander for Parents Magazine. A pregnant woman’s water has usually broken when the discharge is clear; the brownish discharge is a result of the release of the mucus plug, the substance that protects the cervix. Cramps that have the same sensation and intensity as menstrual cramps are a sign of prelabor. Some women experience diarrhea with the cramps.

Preterm labor symptoms can produce an unexplained fever, pain when the belly is pressed and extreme fatigue, explains WebMD. Medical professionals often recommend women with prelabor symptoms drink fluids to avoid dehydration and rest until directed to proceed to the hospital for evaluation. Some physicians recommend bed rest to minimize or eliminate prelabor symptoms or wait to see if contractions subside, which could indicate the contractions are false.

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