What Is a Pregnancy Tumor?


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A pregnancy tumor is a lump that forms on inflamed gum tissue that can bleed, glisten and crust over within the mouth, causing discomfort and difficulty with eating and speaking, explains WebMD. Pregnancy tumors are common within the second trimester.

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Pregnancy tumors in the mouth are not contagious or cancerous, according to WebMD. The tumors develop when the gums are irritated by plaque or food particles, causing extreme inflammation in the mouth. Women who have pregnancy gingivitis commonly develop pregnancy tumors. The condition is also referred to as pregnancy epulides, lobular capillary hemangioma, pyogenic granuloma and granuloma of pregnancy.

Treatment is not commonly necessary for pregnancy tumors, and the growth usually disappears after women deliver their babies, according to WebMD. Women who have extreme difficulty eating or experience pain from a pregnancy tumor can opt to have the growth removed. A dentist or medical professional can remove the growth using local anesthesia, but many times, the lump redevelops. Some dentists opt to remove built-up plaque, causing the growth to prevent another pregnancy tumor from forming.

Pregnant women can prevent the development of a pregnancy tumor by practicing good oral hygiene habits that include flossing once each day, using an antimicrobial mouth rinse and brushing with a fluoride-containing toothpaste, suggests WebMD.

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