What Pregnancy Test Information Is Offered on the EPT Website?

What Pregnancy Test Information Is Offered on the EPT Website?

The EPT website provides instructions for using pregnancy tests, locations where EPT tests are sold and coupons to use when purchasing the tests. The website also explains how to read test results.

The EPT pregnancy test has been available since 1977, reports the company's website. The test is more than 99 percent accurate from the day of a woman's expected period. EPT's products include preconception health tests, complete home fertility kits, ovulation tests, and both digital and regular pregnancy tests.

EPT pregnancy tests should be used immediately after opening, notes the company's website. First, remove the purple cap, exposing the absorbent tip. Hold the test stick by the thumb grip, pointing the absorbent tip downward. Place the tip into the urine stream for five seconds, keeping the tip pointed downward. At no point should the tip be pointing upward.

Alternatively, collect a urine sample in a clean, dry container, states EPT. Dip the absorbent tip into the urine sample for 20 seconds. After the stick has been exposed to a urine stream or urine sample, place it on a flat surface with the window facing up for a minimum of two minutes.

The results are visible on the test's display within two minutes, according to EPT. Do not lift the stick for at least two minutes to avoid tampering with test results. Read the results before 10 minutes have elapsed. As a control measure, a blue line appears in the square window, verifying that the test is working properly. If a blue line is not visible in this window within 10 minutes, the test is not functioning correctly.

A plus sign in the round window indicates pregnancy, states EPT, while a minus sign indicates a negative result.