How Do You Predict Your Baby's Gender With the Ring Test?

To predict your baby's gender with the ring test, simply tie your wedding ring onto a string that is about 12 inches in length. Next, while lying down, hold the string over your pregnant belly, and wait for it to move on its own. If the string moves side to side, the old wives tale states that you are expecting a girl; if the string moves in a circle, you are expecting a boy, according to

You can use any ring to do the ring test, but it is only about 55 percent accurate, notes WebMD. Furthermore, WebMD reports a conflicting interpretation of the results, stating that the ring moving in a circle means that you are having a girl, and the side-to-side motion means you are having a boy.

Other old wives tales include the Drano test, the heartbeat of the fetus and the prettiness of the expectant mother. To complete the Drano test, you must find Drano that was manufactured prior to 1980, and mix it with the expectant mother's urine. If the mixture turns brownish, then the mother is expecting a girl, and if it turns bluish-green, then the baby is a boy, as stated by WebMD.