What Are the Precautions Taken for a Broken Wrist After the Cast Comes Off?


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To care for a healing broken wrist after removing a cast, doctors recommend cleaning the skin gently with warm water and mild soap using gauze pads or a soft cloth and caring for any open wound as instructed by a health care professional, states TeensHealth. Doctors also suggest immersing the affected area in warm water for up to 20 minutes twice daily for a few days if the patient wore the cast for at least three weeks.

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Patients whose casts have just been removed should avoid scratching any dead skin on the limb or scabs that formed on an open wound to prevent skin damage and infection, advises TeensHealth. Those who wore casts for more than three weeks should use a soft towel to pat the skin dry after soaking the affected area in warm water. New skin is sensitive, requiring gentle care.

Moving the wrist slowly using small motions helps restore its function and reduce stiffness, soreness or swelling, explains TeensHealth. It also helps to apply a fragrance-free lotion, especially a product made from cocoa butter, after washing the skin to promote softness and healing and reduce itching.

Doctors perform a follow-up checkup and order an X-ray to determine if a patient is ready to resume normal activities, notes TeensHealth. In some cases, wearing a splint for one week following the removal of a cast is necessary. Occupational therapy and physical therapy are also helpful during rehabilitation.

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