What Are Pre-Stroke Symptoms in Men?


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Pre-stroke symptoms in men include confusion or difficulty understanding people, difficulty walking or maintaining balance, coordination abnormalities, dizziness, severe headache, and difficulty seeing with one or both eyes, according to WebMD. Weakness or numbness on one side of the body affecting the face, a leg or an arm is another common warning sign for stroke.

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Additional symptoms of stroke include fatigue, nausea and vomiting, states Healthline. It is important to call 911 if a person shows any signs of a stroke. A stroke is a medical emergency and requires immediate assistance. In an ischemic stroke, a blood clot cuts off blood flow to the brain. Ischemic stroke patients must get to the hospital within an hour for an evaluation and start treatment within three hours.

Testing for a stroke includes asking the person to smile, and then noting if one side of his face droops, advises Healthline. Another method is to ask the person to raise his arms and check whether one arm appears to drift downward. It is important to ask him to repeat a simple phrase and listen for slurred speech or difficulty talking.

According to a survey conducted by The American Journal of Preventative Medicine, women are better than men at detecting the early warning signs of stroke, reports Healthline.

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