What Are Some Best Practices for Treating Bacterial Scalp Folliculitis?


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The best treatment for bacterial scalp folliculitis is an antibiotic cream from a doctor, according to Mayo Clinic. The most common type of antibiotic cream is mupirocin. Oral antibiotics are not typically prescribed for bacterial folliculitis unless the infection is severe or recurring.

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If the infection has been caused by yeast, a doctor prescribes an antifungal medication in the form of cream, shampoo or pill, states Mayo Clinic. Steroid creams may also be prescribed for mild cases of folliculitis, but for more severe cases of the condition, oral corticosteroids may be given. An individual should take note, however, that these medications should only be used for a short period.

Other options for treating bacterial folliculitis include minor surgery, light therapy and laser hair removal. Surgery to remove boils caused by folliculitis is an option for those who have large areas affected by the condition. This surgery helps to drain the boils and promote healing. Light therapy may be effective for some and has helped those who did not have success with other folliculitis treatments. Laser therapy has also been used to successfully treat folliculitis though it is expensive and takes several treatments for results to appear. Scarring, blistering and discolored skin are side effects of laser treatment.

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